Values beneath the surface

What are values?

Your brand values are the north star* of your company -
They represent the principles that you live by every day!

How do you define a brand’s value?


1. What do you want your brand to be perceived as?
2. Why do you do/love what you do?
3. What keeps you motivated to work day in and day out?
4. What wakes you up in the morning?

But that’s just the surface level…

The unshakable values show up when you start “questioning your answers”

1. Why do you believe in ________?
2. Why does it matter?
3. Why do you believe it’s true?
4. How can you know for sure?
5. From where did that idea come from?

Now grab a piece of paper and start sketching values out of your head!
Use these questions as a template to find the real value beneath the surface -

Share your results at the #brandorchestrate hashtag!

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