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3 min readAug 9, 2020


Outside in the woods, where the invisible virus hides, A none-humanness story in a supposed-sickness era.

Earth is breathing all the human disruption. The economy is falling apart, schools are being shut down, the unemployment rate is getting higher each day and more babies are born to the façade of this monopoly.

Where are we going with this? Is there no end to it? Or is it the end!?

A pure act of dehumanization, the “ethics of the unspeakable”, changing how a human should behave by the name of the “new normal.

This supposed/planned pandemic is capitalizing on the psychological relationship between the doctor and the patient and turning it into a tool of torture that was used for “the prisoners of war” in the old ages by China.

This sense of helplessness towards what’s right and what’s safe, what’s true and what’s not has become a game! And guess who is making the rules? the corrupted government. Outbreaking all the human laws by the name of the medical institution, by the name of “health-care.”

Whether you like it or not:

You are being treated as a patient with chronic illness who is probably not sick but SEEN AS IT IS AND MUST BEHAVE AS IF!

We are seeing one another as if we are dangerous to each other!

Gradually you’ll start loosing your mental resilience and sense of freedom.

They make you participate with your own body to proceed with this torture, they break down your ability to take care of yourself.

In Canada, you can’t choose to go to a private clinic,
you can’t get around their prescriptions, all the routes are being cut-off.


COVID started with only 15 days of self-isolation than 10 days more than 3 months and can go for years, “just wear a mask and put some hand-sanitizers and everything will be just fine,” they said, this is “the new normal”, public gathering is completely allowed by any means but going to family reunions and visiting a sick partner, NO that’s not permitted, it is deadly! Or is it?

Arresting people who are not complicit with this medical conspiracy who simply don’t want to wear a mask?

You can voluntarily imprison yourself or they’ll do it for you because you don’t believe that you are sick and they are insisting that you are.

What about the vaccines? you have a “choice”, you can just not send your kids to school or you can get a vaccine.

What about real health concerns? They are being overblown or ignored!

What is the outcome of this inhuman act? Traumatization, human indecency, ideals, and principles crumbled, mind fragility … you name it.

Can you get back your sanity? HOW? Educate and inform yourself and others around you about this dehumanization procedural and focus on making your own rescue.

I’ll leave you with this couple of questions:

  • What will happen when we are all sick, secretly or otherwise?
  • Are they making us all into chronic patients who will become helpless to — and even complicit in — our own torture through a contrived dependence on “medical experts”?

This article was inspired by “The body as a torture chamber”
- Sam Vaknin | May 20, 2010

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