Seeking clarity in the niches


Why is this important to you?

  • To avoid the competition as much as possible (hint: partner with them instead)
  • To Build recognition patterns in problem solving
  • To gain authority and charge higher prices

“Amateurs give advice, experts diagnose”

We started diagnosing the problem to find it’s routs by reverse engineering the current client state, here’s a role play:

Who is your target client?
Selma: Mid to large companies who pays $X

Myself: Do you have a specific industry (niche) to work with?
Selma: No, I just set limitations on the demographics of a specific client persona (this is the gap)

The gap:
Her target client wasn’t well positioned it was too broad and not based on a specific niche industry.

Myself: So you must have a lot of competition, why would they choose to work with you? (distinctive factor)
Selma: I have a unique style, I’m very good when it comes to minimalistic logo design

Myself: That’s great! but I’ll be honest with you, that, on its own, will not bring you those high end clients that you want, will it?
(Facing the objection by letting her say the answer instead of me telling her what to do)
I agree, it does not bring me those kind of clients

Myself: Listen, very few succeed on getting high end clients doing general and none-customizable work, you have to be at the top 1% of minimal logo designers in the world to get those kind of results

But there is a shortcut!


In order to get those types of clients, you need to narrow down your client’s choices and make it easy for them to find you and even easier to work with you. That’s why you have to specialize


I’ll leave you with this dangerous “idea” of inception

This isn’t a rule of thumb but did you notice that the none creative-ish industries like pharma, health, law etc… have a tendency to pay high rates

because there is a lot of help calls from those industries but limited responds, creative people tend to lean for” “cool” gaming, tech, “shiny syndrome” projects

-I felt for this trap-
I tried to catch a deal with “cool” brands like Apple, Microsoft and Xbox and I was either rejected or ignored because of the huge demand on their end

You would be considered lucky to build a portfolio case study with an Apple-ish brand on it, don’t mention the risk of doing it for free to get your ticket in



To rebrand the traditional branding education, one brand at a time

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To rebrand the traditional branding education, one brand at a time