A myth or a reality?

I’ve been discovering the power of questions lately and I just passed by the one that traces the vision of a path, a brand, a career, and most importantly a person.


And it goes like this:

What would you do if you know you couldn’t fail?

This question is only powerful and valuable if it’s been put to action,

The way it works is that you believe that you’ll never fail and that creates a mental shortcut, that creates connectivity between your logical and emotional brain, that leads to common sense, and that leads to action

We now uncovered the physiological part

For the theory to be true, we have to see this familiarity already happening somewhere else in the world so that we can pick up patterns and follow along, right?

Does a pilot afford to fail while flying with people’s lives?
Does the surgeon afford to fail operating someone’s heart?
Does the car driver afford to fail to take you safely to your destination?

You can flip failure from a most-likely lesson to a guaranteed success if you can afford not to

Make the cost of failure so big that you’ll do anything to succeed beforehand.



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