To rebrand the traditional branding education, one brand at a time

Your brand values are the north star* of your company -
They represent the principles that you live by every day!


1. What do you want your brand to be perceived as?
2. Why do you do/love what you do?
3. What keeps you motivated to work day…

Sell like the queen gambit

How can you serve your clients better?

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” — Muhammed Ali

When it comes to businesses who offers their services for sale, they tend to forget to actually “serve” their end customers.

Forget everything that you know about sales

• Selling is not pitching

Specialization by Brand Orchestrate

I know that my last article has opened many questions about specialization, questions like: what if my ideal audience is a large public, is niching down applicable then? I do services for different kind of industries, how can I specialize in this case? etc…

Let me introduce you 4 new…

If you are lucky enough you’ll work with your academic education.

If you are a little less lucky you’ll end up working in something completely different.

If you are the “luckiest”, you’ll work in a career path of your choice, and that path is found by pursuing your passion.


Brand Orchestrate

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